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Push up bra before and Push up bra after

In the last month  i have been getting a lot of request to show push up bra before and after shots.I think people read and hear so much about push up bras that they really dont understand just exactly how they work.i also the notice the searchs of push up bra before and after are way up.So i found some pictures to show you the difference.








Notice the pic on the left has almost no cleavage at all and on the right in the exact same top the enhance cleavage looks really natural and attractive.This is a perfect example of a level 3 extreme push up bra as i wrote in the article below. There are many levels of push up bras a subtle or gentle lift which is a very natural look with a slight cleavage/moderate lift which is slightly more lift and people will begin to notice the new you/dramatic lift which is 1 full cup size/extreme lift which is about a cup and a half of enhancement/maximum lift which is 2 full cup sizes with maximum it is best to use the gel or water or silicone insert push up bras it is much more natural looking.

Below is Paris hilton in the same style low cut dress one has a push up bra pone does not.


Below is a nice shot of what a style changer a push up bra can be even in a simple black dress.


Change your look improve your style with a push up bra.


Be sure to look at the pages below for a style that suits your needs and wants.

Most comfortable push up bras


Best wacoal push up bras


Leonisa push up bras


The Ten best push up bras

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